Important instructions for use and cleaning

Important information about Cordula (wool) girth:

Please do not girth as tightly as your previous girth, as the girth is very stretchy and if girded too tightly can be uncomfortable for the horse.
The girth may appear slightly shorter when lying down, up to 10% of the girth length. Due to its stretching ability, it always contracts and is only at the correct length under slight tension.
It is best to let the belt dry after work and then tap or brush it off.
The Cordula (wool) girth still contains the natural wool grease, and will felt/felt somewhat with time and your horse's sweat. This is also intentional, as this is the only way it will take on the perfect fit for your horse, just like a shoe. So let the girth age gracefully and try not to keep it unnecessarily "clean".
Please wash Cordula (wool) only with handwarm hand wash and wool detergent. Please do not use fabric softener or full detergent.
Soak the belt only briefly and then rinse, please do not rub, rub or knead too much

Important notes about cord belt Cottonella (cotton):

The belt may be slightly shorter when lying down.
It is best to let the belt dry after work and then pat or brush it out.
Cottonella can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees and easy care.
Please put only gentle spins and buckles in children's socks or the whole belt in a wash bag.
Hand wash works even better. Soak belt briefly with detergent and rinse.
Dry after washing:

Please do not hang either belt to dry, otherwise you will stretch. Please simply lay the belt unstretched on a terry towel and turn it over several times. In this way, even slightly elongated belts can be returned to their original shape.