A good friend I promised a cord belt for his rope ...

and so arose after much tinkering and trying my Cordula!

At the beginning little professional, because I started with a knitting dolly and lots of wool. The production by hand and cordless screwdriver was time-consuming and the rope much too stretchy and thin. After a few test harnesses, I already had a more precise idea of how the harness should look. Also the tests at the horse brought always new realizations.

But the procurement of the right rope presented me with an almost insurmountable problem, because in Germany no ropery actually processes wool anymore. Only a few natural fibers such as cotton or sisal are still processed. Otherwise, only synthetic fibers are processed, because these yarns do not tear so quickly in processing. Today's machines can easily process synthetic fibers, but not natural fibers. After days of research, many phone calls and emails, I finally got my rope! I am absolutely convinced and enthusiastic about the final product, because I can proudly say that the wool for it comes from Germany and the rope is produced here in Bavaria.

I myself have been riding a "Cordula" since the first attempt and this one still without any problems.

My concern is to connect horse and rider in harmony and of course now to finally take my boyfriend for a long ride in his beautiful doctor's car. The whole thing then without bloody chafe marks.

The knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and my manual skills were certainly helpful in the creation, but also my family, friends, followers and my employer Adapterbau Kokott. Without you all this would not have been possible.

So much for my company history...

All the best

Melanie Reif