Bandagierunterlage weich 2 oder 4 stück
Bandaging pad soft 2 or 4 pieces
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Bandaging pad virgin sheep wool soft

Our soft bandaging pad made of German virgin sheep's wool is intended for the stable as impact protection. 

Our bandaging pads are available as a set of 2 or 4.

One pad is about 40cmx50cm and can be easily cut to size.

If the pad is no longer beautiful and ready for use, it can be disposed of in the manure heap, organic waste or in the flower beds as fertilizer.

Advantages Merino Wool:

We love merino wool for many reasons


Merino wool has an insulating effect due to its natural properties, because between the fine merino hairs the wool stores a lot of air - this has a cooling effect when it is warm, and a warming effect when it is Cold.


As one of the most breathable fibers of all, merino wool can absorb large amounts of moisture and release it back into the air in a very short time - always a dry Climate!


The naturally present keratin actively counteracts Bacterial


The beloved lanolin, or wool grease, has a dirt-repellent effect.


Biodegradable, renewable and completely without microplastics


Natural stretchability of merino fibers

Did you know that merino wool is often used for hiking socks and ski underwear?

Here, it mainly makes use of its insulating, breathable and antibacterial properties.